Current research projects

Ongoing Projects

A randomised control trial assessing the impact of exercise and nutritional interventions in the management of frailty and sarcopaenia. This large study has been funded by the EU and is currently being established across our partner EU institutions. Diabetes Frail is the lead organisation in the UK conducting this study which is also taking place in Birmingham at Aston University. Read more.



A study with 20 EU investigators. It is a two-phase study investigating biomarkers for frailty based on the analysis of 8 longitudinal ageing studies, all with clinical validation for frailty. Phase 1 is now complete, with very promising interim results moving forward into Phase 2. Read more.

Recently Completed Projects

A randomised control trial that took place in 7 EU countries. It consisted of a multimodal exercise and nutritional intervention in pre-frail and frail patients. Diabetes Frail was the lead organisation for this in the UK, which took place in hospitals and GP practices nationwide. Nearly 1000 subjects were recruited across the European Union and the data for the study was locked in April 2017. Following a comprehensive statistical analysis of the results of the study, several high-impact publications are planned. Read more.

A study which aimed to provide education regarding frailty and associated issues. Education was provided both online, and with face to face teaching in seminars. Target healthcare audiences included doctors and nurses, healthcare professionals with a special interest in diabetes and care home professionals. Read more.

This two-phase study examined the prevalence of frailty in several clinical areas within a hospital using standard frailty questionnaires. The observational (Phase 1) phase is complete, moving forward into the interventional phase which has commenced in Spain already. Read more.

An EU wide study which assessed and screened diagnostic frailty tools in hospital, primary care and care homes.  This will lead to the development of frailty assessment algorithms within and between these clinical settings with hopeful treatment purposes. Read more.