About OPDN Patients Forum


Building on the previous work of IDOP in creating a patient forum we have established a similar forum to allow patients, caregivers, and other stakeholders to have a direct input into the work of Diabetes Frail. Chaired by Philip Ivory, a patient with type 2 diabetes, this forum will have important roles in future studies that are being planned both nationally and internationally.


A key objective of the Forum is that all patients can liaise directly online with real diabetes experts and ask about their various health-related issues that are causing them concern or seek answers to questions they have about the condition or its effects.

The online Forum will predominantly serve UK patients but patients from other countries may find some benefit on browsing the site.

Our ultimate aim is to improve the quality of care that older patients with diabetes receive and perhaps highlight areas where improvement is needed.

The OPDN Patients Forum will provide a framework for empowering patients by increasing access to diabetes education, new research findings, and creating opportunities for meetings and workshops on specific topics.

National Conference

The sixth National Conference of the Older People’s Diabetes Network (OPDN) will be held in 11th February, 2020, at Friends House, London. To book, click here.

Professor Alan Sinclair, who is the network’s Director and Clinical Lead, will be one of a series of high-profile speakers.

Strategic Goals

By establishing an active discussion forum, we aim to realise our 4 main strategic goals for 2016-19 to be:

  • Goal 1: ACCESS TO HIGH QUALITY EVIDENCED BASED DIABETES CARE – To contribute to improvements in the NHS that enable patients, their carers and families to access quality diabetes care in all clinical settings
  • Goal 2: PATIENTS’ INVOLVEMENT AND EMPOWERMENT – To support patient involvement and decision-making in the development and implementation of diabetes care-related policies and programmes in the UK.
  • Goal 4: PATIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES TO ASSIST IN THE FUTURE DESIGN OF CLINICAL TRIALS INVOLVING OLDER PEOPLE WITH DIABETES – To promote the development of EU and national policies that tackle discrimination faced by patients in health and social care as well as in domains like education and employment.