Clinical networks

England-wide Clinical Network for Research Collaboration and Patient Recruitment

Professor Alan Sinclair, as Director of Diabetes Frail Ltd, will have potential access to the UK Clinical Research Network (UKCRN) by virtue of his involvement in the various EU projects that were competively awarded – this means that all hospital and GP clinical sites in England receive information about such studies and can offer to participate. This has been successful in identifying clinical sites in England for participation in the MIDFrail project.

In 2012, Professor Sinclair, originally in association with NHS Diabetes, established the Older People Diabetes Network OPDN) which comprises 4 regional groups in England (North, Midlands/East of England, South and London) all of which consist of multidisciplinary health and social care staff who work with us to develop policy in health for older people and for those with diabetes. They have been able to identify GPs and hospital teams to work with us in patient recruitment. There is an annual conference in November each year. Diabetes Frail also has strong links with the Luton & Dunstable University Hospital, Bedfordshire and the Medici Medical Centre in Luton, both of which are engaged in collaborative research with Professor Sinclair.