Diabetes Frail will be co-leading with Chu-Bordeaux a submission for European Union funding this April (2019) called SUCCEED-IT:

SUCCEED-IT: Supporting a comprehensive and coordinated evaluation of older people with diabetes using it: a multi-domain it based personalised intervention to improve quality of life and functional measures

This proposal addresses a key call topic in the Horizon 2020 Work Programme – health, demographic change and wellbeing called: SCI-DTH-11-2019: Large Scale pilots of personalised & outcome based integrated care. 

The SUCCEED-IT project will be a timely innovative project that will provide momentum for a marked shift towards a modern form of integrated health and social care in diabetes care for older people within the European Union. Professor Isabelle Bourdel-Marchasson from Bordeaux will be Project Coordinator and Professor Alan Sinclair from Diabetes Frail will be Scientific Coordinator.

Appropriate management of older people with diabetes may require substantially different approaches than for younger counterparts as goals of care vary according to functional status, level of independence, and life expectancy.

In the SUCCEED-IT project, the Consortium uses its considerable depth of clinical research and management experience in several European Union-funded projects involving older people with and without diabetes (FP7 -MIDFRAIL, FRAILOMIC), Erasmus +, VIVIFRAIL, DG Sante – Frail Clinic and Frail Tools, IMI-2 -SPRINTT, and more recently H2020 – DiabFrail Latam), as well as its significant academic background in diabetes in older people to launch a state of the art programme in the application of a new personalised diabetes management system using digital technology that should lead to improved clinical outcomes, healthcare costs saving, and enhanced integrated diabetes care.

In addition, we have brought together a range of partners to form a strong and viable Consortium with complementary disciplines and expertise to ensure that we apply state of the artconcepts to meeting the anticipated outcomes  of this Call topic. The SUCCEED-ITConsortium which has partners acknowledged as global leadersin their fields will thus involve the most up to date technology(using age-related modifications of the European-award winning diabetes app called DiabiLive) of equipment, design pathways of care that employ this technology as part of a multimodal intervention, and create an innovative  business modelthat is viable and financially sustainable throughout the European Union.